Monday, August 27, 2012


In 3 days time, Malaysians from all walks of life, creed, religion and races will celebrate our 55th. Anniversary of Independence Day or Merdeka Day. We achieved our Independence from Britain through negotiation and compromise from all Malaysian under the leadership of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

At the same time, we celebrate our Malaysia Day on 16th. September 2012.

Over these 55 years, Malaya then and Malaysia now has gone through many challenges. However, with the co-operation of the three main groups within Malaysia, we have managed to overcome these challenges. We prospered, work, play and live in harmony over these years and built Malaysia into what is today.

Many challenges lie ahead. Europe is in a state of uncertainty due to the Eurozone problems. USA's economy is still not robust enough while in Asia, China's growth is slowing.

Malaysians must unite together and face these challenges head-on. With all Malaysians working together in unison, we can overcome these external threats. Besides that, we need to overcome internal conflicts within Malaysia herself.

Peace and Harmony within Malaysia is important. We must maintain and improve our economic, social and financial goals so that Malaysians of future generations can enjoy the peace and prosperity built by our ancestors in our years ahead.


Thursday, August 23, 2012


23 August 2012 | last updated at 12:36AM Open house can be huge tourist draw


ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE: Country can use this uniquely Malaysian practice to attract foreigners Locals and foreigners at an open house in Kota Kinabalu early this week. This open house tradition will boost unity and tourism. Pic by Edmund Samunting 1 / 1 KUALA LUMPUR:

HOLDING open house is a unique Malaysian trait. It not only promotes unity among the races but can also be put on the tourism calendar.

The various key players and stakeholders in the tourismindustry said the country could use the open house concept to promote itself to the world.

“This is the beauty of our country. People open up their homes to those from different walks of life, and this strengthens unity and harmony,” said Tourism Malaysia chairman Datuk Dr Victor Wee.

He said tourism industry players could combine their open house functions with other programmes to allow tourists to experience Malaysian culture.

“Many tourists participate in homestay programmes to experience village life. It will be great if we can organise Hari Raya celebrations in homestays.

At the same time, every state has its own way of celebrating Hari Raya. “Tourists will find this a fulfilling vacation as they get to learn about different traditions.”

Echoing Wee’s concerns, Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents president Datuk Mohd Khalid Harun said despite open house being a distinct Malaysian feature, not many tour operators promoted it to foreign tourists.

“Tour operators should encourage foreigners to visit Malaysia during festive seasons. It is a unique concept that isn’t seen in other parts of the world,” he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

Khalid said promoting the open house could also boost the aviation industry, as more tourists would fly to the country.

In supporting the idea, Tourism Malaysia director-general Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab Beg urged government agencies to inform the department of the dates and venues of their open house functions so that tour operators could include them in their itineraries. “The open house can draw a lot of tourists. We will be happy to promote it.”

Even Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, during his Hari Raya open house on Sunday, expressed happiness that Malaysians held this practice abroad, including serving lemang, ketupat and rendang to guests.

He described the open house tradition as a unique practice adopted by Malaysians to mark festivities.

Tour operator Datin Baizura Abu Bakar said the open house showed the true spirit of unity. “The spirit of 1Malaysia is seen in the Hari Raya open house. “People from all walks of life mix with one another.” Baizura said tourists who attended the open house would enjoy the experience. "They will feel that Malaysia is their second home."

   Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk S.K. Devamany said the open house concept promoted unity among the races.

  "This tradition, which dates back to 1960s, is entrenched in our culture. People understand each other's way of life this way.

  "There is no better way to bring together so many races under one roof. Therefore, Malaysians should be encouraged to have open house  to  boost unity.

  "People all over the world crave for this sort of togetherness. This tradition of ours is a highly bankable one for the  tourism sector." Additional reporting by Nuradilla Noorazam and Hashini Kannan

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Malaysia’s Melaka readies for 13 million tourists Bikya Masr Staff | 19 August 2012 | 0 Comments

Melaka waterfront to see millions of tourists, says government. KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s southern tourist spot Melaka has seen some 6.8 million tourist arrivals in the first 6 months of this year, up 21.1 percent over the corresponding period last year, and is on track to achieve 12.5 million arrivals for the whole year, the government said.

The state recorded 5.6 million tourist arrivals between January and June last year, said Abd Kadir Idris, general manager of the Tourism Promotion Division in the Melaka Chief Minister’s Department.

“Melaka is on the right track to achieving 12.5 million tourist arrivals this year in conjunction with the 750th anniversary of Melaka,” he told Bernama news agency.

Abd Kadir said domestic tourists continued to be the highest, registering five million or 74.63 percent of the total arrivals, compared to 1.8 million foreign arrivals or 25.37 percent.

A majority of the foreign tourists are from China, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, contributing to 1.1 million tourist arrivals in all.

Abd Kadir said the rise in the number of tourists was the result of close cooperation between the Melaka state government and the various players in the tourism industry, ranging from hotel operators to trishaw riders.

He also said that the opening of the RM73 million Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex at the mouth of the Melaka River on August 1, would provide a major boost to drawing more tourists to Melaka.

The CIQ, which would be a major gateway to Dumai and Bengkalis in Indonesia, would further facilitate tourist travel, besides the Melaka international airport in Batu Berendam, he said.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012


Monday August 13, 2012 Bring back the good old memories

THOSE born in the 50s, 60s and 70s will surely remember Capitol Theatre (pic) and Lido cinema situated smack in the middle of (old) Malacca town.

At that time Wolfersten Road (where Capitol Theatre was located) and Bunga Raya Road (where the recently-burnt Lido cinema was sited) were “the” places to be.

It was the shopping centre/haven for Malaccans as the central bus station and wet market were located nearby.

Malaccans will remember that both these cinemas, among a few entertainment outlets in town which showed Indian, Malay, Chinese and Hindi movies. Those working in estates would throng the cinema on the 7th and 21st of each month to watch the latest Indian movie when they received their fortnightly pay. There was this famous ice kacang stall along Jalan Bunga Raya that all of us used to frequent and remember fondly because of its affordable prices. Imagine paying 15sen for ice kacang without milk and 20 sen with milk! On a recent trip to this historical city and incidentally my hometown, I was taken aback to see the appalling condition of the abandoned Capitol theatre. It appears to have been abandoned and is an eyesore to former Malaccans and tourists. I strongly feel that this former icon should be restored as a heritage building and restored to its former glory. Hopefully, it will not suffer the fate of its counterpart, the former Lido cinema which was burnt down recently. For instance, Malacca’s “Little India” is located at one end of Wolfersten Road but at the other end where Capitol Theatre is located, the area has been totally neglected, except for one shop selling souvenirs and Malacca goodies. I suggest that the Malacca state government consider a comprehensive plan to redevelop the old Malacca town as a tourist attraction. I’m sure Malacca-born diehards will also visit this “restored town” to share with their families and friends the “good old days”. Please bring back the good memories of good old Malacca. DR POLA SINGH Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


MCA veteran from Malacca dies at 91

MALACCA: MCA stalwart Tan Sri Tan Cheng Swee (pic) died at Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh on Sunday night. He was 91.

Tan, who was Malacca MCA adviser, was admitted to the hospital in early July for treatment due to failing health and died at about 11pm.

He leaves behind wives, Puan Sri Tay Siew Phung and Nelly Ng, two daughters, two sons and several grandchildren.

Tan was one of the founding members of MCA and was former MCA vice-president, Deputy Chief Minister of Malacca (1970-1976) and Malacca MCA state liaison committee chairman (1963-1976).

The wake will be held today, tomorrow and Thursday at 8pm at 16, Jalan Bukti China here. The funeral service will be held on Friday at 11am followed by the cremation at Melaka Memorial Park.

State MCA chief Datuk Gan Tian Loo said Tan's death was a great loss to the state and party.

He said Tan had contributed greatly to the state government during the post-Merdeka period and brought MCA to greater heights during his tenure.

“Tan Sri had once led the state as Deputy Chief Minister and was also a father figure to younger MCA leaders,” he said.

Gan said as a mark of respect, MCA would cancel all events scheduled for today.


7th.August 2012

PASARAYA KHELASS located at the junction of Jalan Kee Ann and Jalan Pasar Baru was destroyed in a fire last night.

The local fire services receive a distress call at 11.50pm last night and rushed to the scene only to find the former Lido cinema (was originaly the El Dorado Cinema) converted to a emporium for the past 10 years was burning to the ground. With the textile, supermarket articles, clothing etc. the fire was intense until once of the walls of the old building collapsed.

Also destroyed were the 10 fruit stalls in front of Khelass and 2 food stalls. It took 47 fire personnel and 8 fire engines from 3 fire stations around Melaka to control the blaze which was put out at about 1.26am.

It was a pity that Khelass was burnt down early this morning. The owners of Khelass only changed the roof of the emporium about 6 months ago before this fire occurred.

Hopefully, the store is covered under fire insurance and we look forward to some positive development in this site.

Pity that the years old structure of the former Lido Cinema was destroyed. Lido Cinema served the Malaccan public with Shaw Production movies from the late 1960's until 1980's. Personnally, I lived a stone's throw from the former Lido Cinema in my teen years and saw numerous Shaw movies in Lido before it was converted to this current emporium in late 1980's. I feel sad that this had happened.