Tuesday, July 22, 2008


During my recent weekend visit my home town in Melaka, I had a very bad experience in a recently opened cineplex . Located on the 5th. floor of the shopping complex, it housed 10 cinema screens for customers to view different movies.

The first thing you will notice on the ticketing level of this new cineplex is the lack of sitting. The whole area was not designed to house a cinema and is not catered for families to see shows at all.

There are no chairs for the elderly to sit and there is ONLY ONE lift and 2 excalators. There is also one fire exit.

My worst fears about the safety and security of the cineplex were justified when the show I attended ended just after mid-night on Saturday, 19th. July 2008.

Patrons who have gone to see their favourite shows at the different cineplexes were not allowed to use the 2 excalators to go down to the ground floor by the security guards. All patrons, young and elderly, were forced to use the fire exit staircase and a small lift catered for 10 persons only. With a minimum of 1000 or more patrons coming out of their cineplexes at about the same time, meant that the safety and security of patrons are being taken for granted. Patrons have to walk at least 5 floors of stairs to go to the groundfloor.

What will happen if there is a fire on the fifth floor? With limited fire escapes and one small lift to cater for rushing patrons, we are just waiting for a disaster to occur. The questions raised here are :-
1. Has the Fire and Safety department done a safety check and who gave the approval for
these cineplexes to be opened? Are there any fire springkler systems installed?
2. Since there is clearly a lack of fire escape exits, has the cineplex owners been notified of these
short comings?
3. Who ordered the security guards to prevent patrons to use the escalators? In fact the
escalators should be changed to going down mode to ensure patrons leave the premises in an
orderly fashion instead of using fire exit only.

As Melaka City has just been given the status of Unesco World Heritage City together with Georgetown in Penang, the authorities in Melaka City must ensure the safety and security of Malaccans and guests to our heritage city.

We want visitors and locals alike to enjoy our city and feel safe while visiting our historical sites, enjoy the shopping and being entertained in various entertainment outlets such as cineplexes and theatres.

Tourism Melaka strongly urge the authorities to audit all the public entertainment centres around our City so that immediate measures can be taken before any unforseen incident occurs.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


9th. July 2008

Eight more sites inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

7 July 2008 – Eight new sites in places such as Malaysia and Croatia have joined the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), it was announced today.

The additions mark the first time Papua New Guinea and San Marino have had sites inscribed on the List.

Melaka and George Town, cities on the Straits of Malacca in Malaysia, have been imbued with a multicultural heritage after more than five centuries of trading and cultural exchanges between East and West.

This was the official announcement by UNESCO on listing Melaka and Georgetown as Historic cities on the Straits of Malacca on 8th. July 2008. Indeed, it is a proud day for all Malaccans in Melaka and around the world.

As Malaccans, we have known all these years that Melaka is a unique place and steep in history. We have a tradition of long history, melting pot of cultures, harmonious living of different races, religion and creed over the centuries. History is and will continue to be our assets and we as Malaccans, wherever we are, should continue to preserve and enhance the historic sites, traditions, heritage such as food heritage, cultural values, languages, artform and skills of our uniqueness.

This listing in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites comes with commitment and responsibility for all Malaccans. We cannot just think of profits which we can gain from the influx of visitors from around the world. We need to extend our hospitality, grace, friendliness and be courteous to our guests, locals and foreigners, as they come to view our city, taste our food and enjoy our hospitality in our inns, hotels and guest houses. Let us tell our guests why Melaka is a place that is worth visiting and they are always welcomed over and over again.

For all Government agencies, non-government agencies, Melaka Government, professional bodies and inviduals including all Malaccans, who have done our small part in getting Melaka listed, Tourism Melaka want to extend our gratitude and a big THANK YOU for a job well done.

This listing is important to put Melaka on the world heritage list and is just a small step. We have many more challenges ahead. Let us strive to maintain our listing status, preserve our heritage, cultures, languages and food over the years.